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D.O.O. ‘2 Decembar’ Bar is a company founded in 1990 as the beginning of a family business. The company operates in various business activities, such as retail and wholesale trade of goods, as well as the construction and design of residential and commercial properties. Through our high-quality work, we have become a recognized leader in the market, guaranteeing safety and quality in our operations. Our success is attributed to a professional team that has contributed to the increasing number of satisfied clients. The company commenced its operations in 2020, and within that timeframe, we can proudly state that we have built over 10,000 square meters of residential and commercial properties. With over 200 satisfied customers, we continue to persevere in our mission. Through authentic design, attractive locations, and the use of advanced methods, we are not just constructing properties but building a better world.

Our mission

Our mission is the realization of high-quality projects and the introduction of new business standards in the real estate industry, primarily in the area of residential properties. We meet all market expectations through hard work and expertise of our team. Each project is considered as part of our legacy within the community where we work and live.

Our vision

Leadership position in the real estate and construction business and the creation of a distinctive image. We are passionately dedicated to the details of efficiency and safety in real estate, as well as the speed and quality of implementation. Each project begins with a thoughtful vision that will provide comfort and enjoyment to our clients.

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2.decembar d.o.o.


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